Alaska Interior Timber Products

Ester, Alaska

Fire Wood and Saw Logs

Fire Wood

At this time, all we have available for fire wood is green. If you are looking to get a head start on next year, we have very good pricing.

Saw Logs

  • 4cd Green Birch $780
  • 4cd Green Spruce $700
  • lengths are 12'-20'

Spruce saw logs currently sell for $450 mbf* for camp run1 delivered in the Fairbanks area. We try to keep the top size to 8" and bigger, but some may go to a 6" min.

Special requests of all larger logs runs $600 mbf.*

A typical log truck load of saw logs will run between 3 - 3.5 mbf.*

*mbf = thousand board feet
1 camp run means what ever logs we are decking at the time.

Phone: 907-347-6707


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